De Gouden Karper, located in the Achterhoek countryside, is home to dozens of castles, country estates and surprising museums. The village of Hummelo is a stone’s throw from Doetinchem, a city with extensive shopping and entertainment facilities. The old towns of Doesburg and Zutphen are also nearby. The visitor will find hundreds of historic buildings, courtyards and many specialty shops here.

The location of the cafe, restaurant and hotel is beautiful. On the other side is the village church of Hummelo. De Gouden Karper is the starting point for various walking and cycling routes through the wooded area. You can explore this area well on foot and by bike. During your exploration, consider a visit to a special garden or gallery.


In the immediate vicinity of De Gouden Karper you will find various museums such as More and Lalique. For more information, please visit the Achterhoek Tourism website

De Klevenhorst

Always wanted to discover the Achterhoek by horse and carriage. That is possible in Hummelo at De Klevenhorst.
They offer several packages and even an evening ride! For more information, please visit the website of De Klevenhorst


The Achterhoek is ideal for a day of golf. The golf courses of Keppelse Golfclub in Hoog-Keppel and those of T’Zelle in Hengelo are well regarded. Combine your visit to the golf course with an overnight stay and dinner with us! If you come to sleep with us, we can offer you the green fee for a reduced rate. For more information about the jobs in question, see below.


Explore the Achterhoek in your duck!
Experience the Achterhoek in a special way! You drive an authentic Citroën 2CV6, also known as the ugly duck. The nostalgic driving behavior, the smooth suspension and the unique shifting force you to slow down. For more information, please visit the Duckstoer duck rental website

Happen & Trappen

The Achterhoek has been named ‘the best cycling area in the Netherlands’. Our region is therefore the ideal destination for a day of ‘Happen en Trappen’. Along the way you can enjoy beautiful views where castles, country estates, forests, rivers and atmospheric villages alternate.

Cycling with route.nl

In the immediate vicinity of De Gouden Karper you can explore the Achterhoek by cycling on beautiful cycling routes. We have already selected some cycling routes for you. For even more cycling routes, please visit www.route.nl


You can also enjoy walking from De Gouden Karper. In our parking lot there is a large sign with both the short (1.9 km) and the long (3.6 km) Enghuizer route.

For even more routes in the area, please visit www.achterhoek.nl

Wandelnetwerk Achterhoek bij De Gouden Karper in Hummelo